MAP19 - The Slaughterhouse
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Playable on: MAP18

My tribute to Sandy's city levels, a devilish factory warped to suit their own dark designs. 

I tried to capture the spirit of adventure that radiated from Petersen's open plan maps and mix it with his signature one-man army feel.  Be careful - you never know what tricks and traps await!

EDIT: Map is now intended for slot 19 - The Docks should precede it as Map 18.

purist wrote on 10-Jul-2012 (21:58)

This is going to be a difficult one to judge since I'm not well-schooled in Petersen stylings, especially Doom II ones outside of E1. I plan to change this fact sometime in the near future at which point I might be able to elaborate further but, for now, here goes:


I've been reading into others comments about the level being too clean. By this I don't think they mean bland or sensible texturing or functional architecture, I think they mean it doesn't look grimy enough. If this is what they mean I would agree. The browns and cements all look right on to me, the grey and darkened silver areas are passable but the green tech and other brighter tech areas are where it feels to me that the ball is dropped. There's also too many tech and radiation panels for me. To be a little more specific two areas in particular that feel like they could be toned down are the area you fight the revs in after the YK door and the BK area - a more distressed texture like the METAL series could work better.

The point st alfonso made about making more outdoor areas could be applied to this level to some extent also. The start area is fine but nothing spectacular. This could be remedied by starting outdoors, which would also give the map that added perspective that alfonso was grasping at.

Lastly on theme... I really LOVE the name but the when I think Slaughterhouse I think dark, grimy and splattered in blood and gore - not shiny metals and computer panels.


Best tip I can give is watch my FDA, which I will PM to you - in case it's not obvious from the demo I had a LOT of fun. Some times I felt vulnerable and hunted other times towering and mobile. At times I felt cheated by the map, other times I feel I cheated certain death. Your aim to create an adventure spiked with surprises has certainly been realised! What I would say was that I think I was lucky at times and had I not been so lucky what felt empowering may have felt frustrating. By this I am talking about three cruel tricks: The long crusher, the floor lowering into brown sludge immediately following this and where all Hell breaks loose after the RK.

More minor gameplay observations:

  • Weapon placement was very Petersen-like. From pistol start you have to stick your neck out to get the chaingun and RL for example.
  •  Enemy placement also feels Petersen-like in that movement between areas is key in many areas as opposed self contained set-piece style fights.
  • In the first CEMENT area you get to the demons for the previous and next areas cannot get down the steps to reach you.
  • I'm not sure where you were going with the imps that are stuck in little squares in the middle of the room.
  • The HK in the long crusher alcove seems pointless. The chainsaw would have been even more useful earlier on.
  • The rev fight after the YK door is a bit dull due to having to fight at long range. It might help if they were not blocked so they can approach the player.
  • A little more health after the rev/AV fight would be welcome. I found the bezerk but if I didn't I would have been in real trouble.


The only other thing I can think to mention are the secrets. There must be bleeding loads of them. I thought I found a good share of them until I saw my % in the intermission! That's all really - nothing more analytical to say than that!

Overall, I've not played much of the D2TWID E2 maps so I don't know what the standard is like but I would like to think this will be in the final set. Work needs to be done but mostly texture changes, brightness toggling and maybe an outdoor section or two for a greater sense of depth. Major overhauls are not needed here in my opinion.