MAP24 - Dead Sea
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A nonlinear Sandy Petersen-styled map in the flooded ruins of an ancient village.

zodiac wrote on 16-Mar-2012 (05:14)

Great map, captures the Sandy style except for one thing - where's my pack of Demons? XD

I'm serious though, it feels like somewhere in the blood sea there should be more demons running free, Sandy didn't just place one or two once he set his mind to it.  Maybe move some of them off the platforms, they don't really do much there.

The one issue I see is that there's if anything too little direction at the start.  I love a nonlinear map, but here too many paths feel like 'go this way and die' gotchas.  Off the top of my head, the Rocket/Blue armor is really tempting, but without the SSG or at least the 2 rocket boxes from the island nearby you're pretty hosed, and the SSG path is so monster-packed that you can't squeeze by.  This leaves what could be a pretty awesome choose your own path startup limited to 1.) Get the chaingun, 2.) Troll for ammo and infighting until you can get the SSG or the rockets.  Probably the SSG, since that path's more forgiving.

My tweaks would be:

1.) Less monsters in the SSG room, but move the soul sphere.  The perfect place would be on top of the hexoganal pillar directly north of the SSG - make it non-solid and hide a warp up to there somewhere on the map.

2.) Swap some of the cell packs scattered around the blood sea for rockets or rocket boxes.  It doesn't even have to be 10, but at least 5 or 6 (plus the 5 net in the megarmor area) so you can beat the revenants fast enough.  I'd also put a decoration to mark danger, either a dead marine by the rockets or adding a few hangmen above the drop.

3.) Perfect place for a demon pack might be the west corner, with the rocket box as your prize for baiting them.

4.) Personal preference, but the bridge you raise across the blood forces a bit more runaround then I'd like; making it a lift would alleviate this, and would fit Sandy's tendency to have lowerable islands/bridges.


General Comments:

+ Cyberdemon secret was great, luring the beast from it's den!  The whole area starting from the drop is excellent.

+ Outdoor area feels just right in balance and general ambience.  You know you've got it right when I don't rest until it's all clear!

+ BFG secret was great, if maybe a bit too clever.  The warping archviles took me by surprise.  It's hard to see up high enough without mouselook, though - I map-cheated to find it after clearing the level.  Maybe add 16 brightness to the drop-floor so the ceiling's more distinct?

-Shotgun guys past the yellow key door are deaf and didn't do anything.  Probably just drop them, the room was pretty busy with just imps and knights.

-I do agree with Xaser of marking the teleporter more, maybe a larger platform with torches on the sides?  Or maybe just a unique texture, very Petersenesque :)

Xaser wrote on 09-Mar-2012 (21:58)

I'm finding it very hard to nitpick this one. Even the automap picture SCREAMS Sandy. ;)

Okay, so I'm still not that much of a fan of the placement of the teleporter that leads to the exit chamber. Having a random column lower seems weird because it's an invisible goal you can't exactly work toward. I feel as if having a more visible teleporter on the switch-gazebo would be better.

Rest of the map is stellar, though -- CYBERDAMN!

Alfonzo wrote on 08-Mar-2012 (15:34)

Interesting and isolated concepts brought together under the premise of a bloodwashed city? Sounds pretty damn Sandy to me. It plays pretty Sandy too! That particular encounter with the robo-hoofed antagonist really makes me weep with joy.

I don't have many suggestions as this stage, as I'm still seeking for ways in which the map could (possibly) be bettered, but rest assured that I'll be back with weapons of critique.