MAP05 - Mag a Zine
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Playable on: MAP05

Updated version of the last lost one.

Tried to keep it 05'y while not ripping it off.


_bruce_ wrote on 18-Jul-2012 (17:35)

Caco/closet/start position issue resolved.

Marcaek wrote on 28-Mar-2012 (21:12)

The caco is ineffective, and some of the dead ends could use some bonuses or something, but it's overall pretty good. I'd move the caco nook to the same wall as the exit and fill it's old closet with spectres or demons(or both!).

ellmo wrote on 28-Mar-2012 (13:06)

_bruce_ sent me images on email, so I'm linking them here, apparently he couldn't put them himself, as the submission was not linked to his account.