MAP09 - The Quarantine
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An ugly Petersen late E1 map that is designed to make you run. Layout is mostly there and thing placement/item balance still needs quite a bit of work. I could do with some feedback on the authenticity of the aesthetics as I'm still unsure of direction in this regard.
purist wrote on 06-Apr-2013 (22:02)
Thanks for the comments guys. I've taken your suggestions and made a significant update - see link to new file.Invisibility moved. Now I'm thinking about it I think you meant invulnerability... that's still where it was.Grassy area ripped out and replaced. Not sure how Petersen it is but it looks and plays a lot better now.Added more to the courtyard. It's still pretty much bypassable but there there is some gamplay and a bit of interest added now. Textures are swapped here too. It looks slightly less ugly as a result.Added some more traps in the startan/sludge area but most the existing monsters are still there. The point is that you have to work hard if you don't want to jump out the window.Other various changes to the shape and look of some areas.
Chex Warrior wrote on 03-Apr-2013 (10:42)

I agree with Zodiac that it seems pretty tough for Map09 (ammo is tight in the beginning on UV) and I don't know enough about Sandy's map style to tell you if it fits that theme, however for a Doom II level it seems to hit the mark pretty well. Overall I enjoyed it, definitely enjoyed its non-linear feel.

zodiac wrote on 02-Apr-2013 (05:23)

This is just a quick first impression, I'll have detailed feedback whenever I have some time.

First off, I really liked the blue key ambush.  It might be a bit hard for a Map09, but it really captures the 'get something, walk into trouble' that Petersen loved - I'm thinking of Suburbs in particular now.  That leads to a minor gripe - the level flow is the problem here.  There's the secret invisibility perfect for handling it, which would also be perfectly Petersen (see Map08, Map13, Map16, Map18, Map27, Map28,...).  But it takes so long to run back to the blue key that the benefit is mostly spent.

The end area was also a blast, as was chainsawing the demons up the elevator at the start; in both, I did feel hounded, but had the options to handle it.

I didn't care for some of the other rooms - in particular, the grassy area didn't feel like Petersen (in aesthetics or in the nearly-unseeable snipers).  The big courtyard (the one in the first image here) felt like wasted potential - it's a cool view, but there no reason to stay there. I'd also like to see more triggering at the start, instead of everything just rushing you.  In the real Map09, you can get into a similar situation, but it's your own fault as you run area to area avoiding the crowd.

Since you asked about aesthetics, my take is that it's close but some areas need work.  In addition to the grassy area, which I'd just replace:

+ The really tall startan and stargrey stretches are a bit much even for Sandy.  I'd convert the stargray to a more solid color (even the tan) with the mixes used as transitions, which Sandy tended to stick to.  The tallest tan could just swap for brick/modwall/something that tiles well at height.

+ The cement and tekgreen areas felt like doom 2, and the ending concrete could fit, but would need to be a bit darker or with hints of grime (ickwall)

+ The indoor slime near the start works well with texturing/layout, but could do with more light and dark contrast - brighten the brights and darken the darks.  I'm mostly thinking of the abrupt shifts in Map10 here, shared with Map01 as a trademark of a Sandybase.

+ The blue key room seems like it it should pick a style, either all square-tile cement, or a mix of the other cements (ala Map10 or E2M2).  The general feel works, it's just the particular mix.