MAP05 - The Centre
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Playable on: MAP01

Tentatively titled "The Centre," this is an all-purpose E1 Mcgee which, currently, would probably fit somewhere between maps 04-06. It could easily be fitted for earlier slots, though, with a couple of tweaks (nobody wants revenants on map02).

This is version 1.1, featuring an aesthetic overhaul and a lot of geometry changes, as the original was very un-Mcgee.

zodiac wrote on 25-Feb-2013 (02:54)

Had a blast playing this and it really nails the McGee ambush encounters.

+ The windy halls with the thin blue line didn't feel strictly McGee, but it was awesome enough that I think we could chalk it up to Petersen influence ;)

+ The chaingunners on the lifts were spot on, a great and nasty surprise when trying to give the imps/demons the runaround

+ The intro room in general was excellent, and feels like a good fit for level 4-ish

-Ammo is just a little tight, another shell in the crate room would do it (or another sarge, McGee's favorite ammo source!), or see my next point.  As it was, I ended up punching a few demons/imps because that's all I had left!  The health and armor were perfect though.

- The rocket secret is just too hard to get.  The door is obvious, but there's no clue that the switch is linked to it, and though it may be my lack of skill, I just kept missing it by a second or so - it's easy to get hooked on the geometry if you're legit straferunning (instead of using a port with 'always straferun').  I think you could fix both issues (timing and obviousness) by making this switch do the Soulsphere pillar as a lift, and the hidden switch in the SSG room open the way to the rocket.  This does give 2 weapons at once, but only if you're observant, and it fixes my above ammo problem (4 rockets is the difference between punching and having shells!)  It's more obvious because you've just used a switch for a lift, and the soul is the most obvious lift-looking thing in the level.

There were also a few technical issues as of v.1.1:

-Sector 127 is tagged to sector 17, thus breaking the enemy shutter and causing a HOM from behind

-Sector 135 uses non-vanilla sector effect 96 instead of 16 to do the damage

-Linedef 323 has ickwall instead of bigbrick