MAP05 - The Boiler
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McGee E1. A facility overflowing with lava. Introduces the Hell Knight as an adversary. The support3 use is probably a little overkill, so I'll probably cut back on that later. Also, while McGee maps did tend to be rather orthogonal, again I probably over did it. Things are subject to change but overall I'm happy with this.

zodiac wrote on 25-Feb-2013 (03:28)

Had fun playing this one, almost always on the run when entering new areas!  The fit feels a bit strange to me though.  The geometry is solid McGee, but the encounter placement felt more like Petersen.  To break down how I see their respective styles:


+Limited health and ammo

+Encounters that reward going slowly and tactically, with lower overall monster count

+Ambushes that require threat assessment and positioning


+Plenty of health and ammo, but hard set pieces that can kill you regardless

+Encounters that often reward going quickly or triggering infighting and retreating

+Ambushes that require more action and firepower

Of course that's not an absolute rule, but when I had to jockey for space around the blue key revenants or fight the swarm of sarges/gunners standing in the lava (itself a Petersen absurdism), I was thinking of Sandy.  They were great fun to run through, and it was interesting to see how the level encouraged motion.  Other little things that reminded me of him were:

+ The massive brawl at the start, which felt more crowded than typical McGee - the Focus has a similar monster set at the start, but some are behind shutters or grates so they can't run up to you

+ The extra details on the wall with the secret, which could confuse the issue

+ The non-visible yellow key.  A superfluous key is definitely McGee, but it would generally be visible, at least from the red key jump.  Petersen was the one who most often expected you to explore through the hazard floors

+ The barrels placed as "backstops".  The most damage I took at once was running from the first Caco's fireball when it set off a barrel next to me!

Perhaps it's best to call this a collaboration of McGee map and Petersen fill?

Xaser wrote on 20-Feb-2013 (02:02)

Support3 needs to be the -only- texture. And LAVA1 for all floors.

Tarnsman wrote on 18-Feb-2013 (21:39)

Support3 needs to be the primary texture IMO.

esselfortium wrote on 18-Feb-2013 (03:45)

It needs more support3.