MAP04 - Mechanical
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Memfis wrote on 18-Mar-2012 (17:44)

Like I said on the doomworld forums, I plan to use this map in another project so this page might as well be deleted. I'm absolutely not interested in making it more id-like because I want to work in my own style.

zodiac wrote on 18-Mar-2012 (02:32)

I'm honestly not sure what to do with this map.  It plays well and has interesting secrets, but it doesn't scream 'Doom 2' to me.  The tight spaces are reminiscent of McGee, but the secrets feel more Romero than anything.  This goes for the whole SSG area.

If you rebrand McGee, I'd expect less "clever" secrets and less diagonals, but to really feel like Romero there would need to be a few larger rooms built to impress.  That would also help the map stand out more - the first room is the only real landmark in the level.

One thought that occurs is that since Modwall is a much more "city" texture, this could be interesting as a "Towards the City" map in slot 9-11, but to do that you'd have to up the difficulty.  That wouldn't be hard, since the narrow spaces make a hell knight or two a significant challenge.

Take all of this as you will - I can't stop picturing hell knights and a lost soul tunnel in an expanded version of Mechanical as Map09, but it's a significant addition to what's here now.