MAP18 - The Sanctum
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Playable on: MAP14

My attempt to channel the spirit of Sandy Petersen for Ep 2. Now with monsters! There's a few different skips in the map, and you can even grab the red skull key early if your movement is good enough!

Update from 2/26/2013:

Added a tiny area in the western portion of the map, and some changes based on Zodiac's feedback

zodiac wrote on 25-Feb-2013 (06:08)

Wonderful!  A worthy replacement for the citadel!  The monster placement and secrets are very Petersen, but what sealed the deal for me were the clever secrets!  In no particular order:

+ The puzzle with the satyr/lion/man switches fit perfectly with map, and the long route needed to turn that into the BFG was reminiscent of traversing the citadel via the 'castle map room'.  The subtle marking of the wood-board switch was just enough for it to register.

+ The hell knights past the yellow key were a great use of enemies that require some finesse.

+ The shortcut at the start was a great reward for detailed exploration, and subtle enough that I missed it on the first pass.  The enemy balance was tough enough that I died a few times, so that worked out perfectly ;)

+ The yellow key room itself was the sort of isolated locale/encounter that Petersen did so well.  The Pain Elemental is what really makes it work.

- I didn't care for the plasma gun secret, both in that there's no way out of the slime if you didn't hit the switch to get it, and that the it's one of the hardest secrets to find even though the weapon is by this point standard, and quite helpful at a few key spots.  Something as simple as changing the skull switch to be on the lift, so you're facing towards the pit when it lowers, would be a big help.

- In UV, the Caco in sector 115 should be included instead of the lost soul - there are plenty of melee blockers already, and I think it strengthens the image to see two of them rising up.  Surviving the trap is more about position than what the one extra Caco will do on its own, so I don't think it's unfair.

- I was expecting more of a fight in sector 198 - the two sarges and a demon don't really do much.  Just doubling that up on UV would be enough to give some resistance.  Alternately, enemy closets in the rafters or no initial demon, but several teleporting would both fit the Petersen pattern.