MAP03 - Water Main
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Playable on: MAP03

A small American McGee-styled episode 1 map set in an underground water treatment plant.

zodiac wrote on 09-Mar-2012 (08:00)

This is classic!  It screams McGee!  I especially like the section leading up to the blue key, awesome architecture and enemy placement that makes you think.

The only things I can offer are a few minor tweaks:

+ The switch to lower the elevator in the final room is a bit out of place, it slows the flow right when you want to move.

+ Too much ammo.  I topped out and never went down.  McGee maps were usually a bit stingy.

Alfonzo wrote on 06-Mar-2012 (19:16)

A bricklined water main? in a starport? What is this...?

This is a very good map, is what it is. Texture unity, monster placement, and layout are key. And speaking of keys, you got that right too! I'm contemplating whether other factors could be better implemented like the lighting or something but really, I'd be more productive trying to pluck the spines from a porcupine's back.

With boxing gloves.

esselfortium wrote on 20-Feb-2012 (18:56)

Xaser: Personally I rather like how map03's music fits with this.

Xaser wrote on 20-Feb-2012 (16:38)

I like it. It's simple but rightfully so, probably. Only real negative about it is that it uses MAP03's music, which isn't fit for the Xaserears. P:

I particularly like how pointless some of the keys are. That's so American it's practically a cheeseburger.

C30N9 wrote on 19-Feb-2012 (12:20)

Neat map!

You nailed it! I really liked this map and it was so classic to me.

Though I don't have much bad feedback, but I'm feeling this one is gonna be in the final release (hopefully). It's classic enough and fun at the same time.