MAP18 - The Docks
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Playable on: MAP18

What if Shawn Green made an open-plan city map witht a bit of help from Petersen?

That was the question I tried to answer with The Docks.  Once a seedy waterfront, the smuggler's run is now a seething nest of demons!

In typical Green style, stuff is scattered all over.  Keep things moving!

Phobus wrote on 16-Sep-2012 (11:07)

I was told to check this out as one of the better examples of already-submitted maps (I'll be giving this a go myself soon) and I think it was a good recommendation! The visuals and layout put me in mind of E4M3. I made the mistake of staying in the water to begin with, which made ammo run pretty low. As soon as I broke out and started fighting properly I quickly stacked up supplies. I ended up having full ammo for everything a bit too often, IMO, so there's probably too much ammo! Rockets in particular seemed to just be filling up with no real targets half the time.

It plays well all the same though and I like the overall package. Secrets were pretty good - the BFG one took a bit of time to work out for me, but considering it's for the BFG, I'd say that's fine!

In all, pretty good job. Needs less ammo, but I'd say it's good to go.