MAP06 - Lift Service
Download Link:
Playable on: MAP09

Lift Service - map for DTWID2.

Intended slot - #6

Playing slot - #9 (my favorite track)

Large techbase, lots of maintenance entrances, many hi-tec computer terminals and installations, some of them are operable..

As usual, I wanted to increase replay value, so there are several ways to complete this map, some are "official", others are secret.

Because of narrow layout and intended slot many types of monsters and decorations are absent here (no big monsters, no hellish/stone textures, no hell accessories).

Every corner of this map serves a purpose, so check them all:).

Tested in vanilla (doom2.exe + dosbox) only, NOT ON NIGHTMARE (I leave it to you))).

This is BETA 3, now all switches can be activeated only from proper place. Also fixed some minor issues with thing placement and ballance.

Personaly, it ended to be too different from D2 maps, maybe design is too complex, but as it was recomended i tried to be innovative.

Besides, it still meets D2 standards: grid 8x8, no texture autoalign, no realism, no tricks. It's definitly not McGee`s or Romero`s stile,
don`t know about Sandy. it`s just.. something different.

Even if it will not be included in DTWID2 (well, it's up to you to judge), it still deserves to be played as separate release.


Wraith777 (