MAP02 - Warp Factor
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Map02 McGee style!  The quickest way to the starport is the UAC Warp Relay - head for the central terminal!


The key feature here is the twin teleporters - the inspiration was to make something immediately memorable like the Gantlet's bridge, so a teleport bridge seemed appropriate.

Deathmatch should be fun with this layout.

purist wrote on 08-Jul-2012 (21:12)

I've mixed feelings about this one. I love the concept of using teleports as the feature of the map and you've hit all your cues but, for me, the execution of the teleporting section is not grand enough to feel like a centre piece and so the map lacks a real defining characteristic. I definitely feel there should be a map of this type in E1 and it's not a bad map in any way but I feel it could be improved or superceded.


The main thing, I suppose is the way the teleport section works. If you nail this I think a lot of the minor points I'll mention later will seem less important. The problem I had was that progress was unintuitive - akin more to a secret or PWAD puzzle section than the second level of a commercial game. Being able to see the teleport destination I feel would go a long way to helping in this regard. Second, this section needs to look like a real setpiece - in the same way that the bridge was in MAP04 or the crusher was in MAP06. An unassuming pad in the middle of the room did not have the desired effect for me.


I couldn't pick many faults in theme - the dim lighting and green tech walls are an obvious touch stone for E1 McGee and you resisted the temptation to mix it up too much thematically. All I could really say is that you are perhaps too on the nose. The green tech feels layed on really thick. A contrasting texture would break it up. Your detailing looks good, but as Essel mentioned the computer panels are over-used (See Radar Base for another guilty party in that respect!) Unlike Essel, I would keep the opening window that reveals some zombies at the start. It adds some character to the map and is more of a nod to The Focus than a transplant.

Level Flow

For MAP02 I don't think the progression is logical enough. Teleport/switch progression aside the jump seems more like you're finding a secret than taken the natural route (unless there is an alternative route everytime I played I went this same way - I might be being unfair on you here). Generally, I didn't feel confident I was going the right way most of the time which (perhaps MAP05 aside) I never got from McGee's E1 maps. I think the aforementioned re-worked teleport section and breaks in theme would go some way to help this cause.


Agreed, McGee tends to place his weighting on zombies monster ratio but they seem particulary heavy in this map. I think they could be thinned without changing gameplay drastically but keeping it more relevant for it's slot. A few more medikits would do wonders too. Underhalls is equally unforgiving for hitscanners but you're constantly replinished by the abundant medikits as long as your survive each encounter, the difference here is that you feel you're health is being accumalatively chipped at. Less of an issue, but I also noted that demons often seem extraneaous here, I would keep them only where they have an impact as in the wider areas they work only as an ammo sponge and distraction. The SSG is cheaply given too. I'm not just saying that because I want to use Radar Base to introduce it - it doesn't really serve a purpose for this map and is rather unceremonaly offered considered it's the sole new weapon in the game.


I like the name. I hope Alfonzo is joking about naming conventions. There's a few 'The' maps submitted already and maybe more will come but as long as it sounds Doomy I don't think there's any need to be so anal in matching the IWAD in that regard.

Overall, I don't know whether I would prefer to see this reworked, perhaps placed later in the episode or even replaced by another variation on the same theme. Even untouched it's still a contender but E1 is starting to get crowded and it's not memorable enough to be a guarantee in my eyes.

Alfonzo wrote on 01-Jul-2012 (08:03)

Well, you know I think it's quality stuff; I chalked up a little critique in the main thread! With a few minor adjustments this one is sure to make the cut, yes yes.

I'm not entirely sold on the name though. We're already in dire lack of "The" titles (14 of 32 for stock!), and if it goes on much longer I may have to perform some sort of uninvited mass reform. You have been warned!