MAP08 - Welcome to Pain!
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Playable on: MAP08

It just wouldn't be the real Petersen experience without pumping out a bunch of maps quickly, so here's another!

As you descend into the corrupted starport, the ground trembles all around you.  When the shaking stops, a fissure has split the base in two as hell boils up from beneath!

Find a way across fast, before you're facing a real Hell on Earth!


This level had three main ideas behind it:

  1. To introduce the Pain Elemental
  2. To capture the 'built from parts' feel of Map 10.  My creative premise was that a Doom 1 cut level was reworked by slicing it in two with a chasm.
  3. To put out a smaller-scale map fast.  Part of the fun of the project, and a good counter to the larger maps in the project.

Get it while it's hot, this one's a hit with the testers!  Comments welcome, as always!

Marnetmar wrote on 10-Jun-2012 (06:11)

There's really nothing to criticize here, this map is perfection. Pure fucking perfection.