MAP12 - The Hidden Lake
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Playable on: MAP12

Takes place in a large underground lake.


Latest changes: Minor tweaks.

Marcaek wrote on 25-Apr-2012 (01:38)

I've been thinking about moving this to a later slot, with some minor difficulty adjustment. Anyone support this idea?

Marcaek wrote on 30-Mar-2012 (22:34)

Updated, difficulty levels should be more appropriate.

Marcaek wrote on 20-Mar-2012 (18:40)


Next time I get a break I'll see about tweaking this, but I'll probably focus more on map25 first.

zodiac wrote on 17-Mar-2012 (19:53)

Wonderful map, it really captures the Romero feel.  Definitely needs to be in the final pack.


+ The entire cyberdemon room is great.  I especially like the use of the secrets, which were all very id-ish.

+ The rest of the level looks great and flows well.  It's just the right variety in theming.  My only concern is that the small spaces tend to trap bigger monsters more often then I'd expect.

+ I really liked the effect of the barons walking down the steps up to red key jump.  On the other hand the blocks sound feels odd here - I'd remove every other line so it feels more organic, and you can get swamped if you rush too fast!

+ Don't know if it's intentional but the ceilings surrounding the platforms seem to block monsters.  This let to a really weird effect when the specters are release, where they'll mill around it but won't approach you.  In the right circumstances this would be a creepy clue, but nothing in that section warrants it.  This would also let the imps pour out at you, which I think would be a better start to the room.  Removing the monster block on the platform opened by the red key door might make the revenant hunt more interesting, but I realize it's necessary for the mancubi earlier.  If you could get the desired effect with stairs too thin for the mancs but OK for revenants it would do the trick.

+ I do think it should move significantly later in the map pack; 12-15 are the heart of the city.  I could see this anywhere from 16-22 though, probably earlier since the end captures the feel that 'I'm getting closer to hell'.


Rough spots I noticed, for easy fixing:

+ The baron of hell in the green marble area is stuck, the ceiling is too low

+ The platform up to the red key jumpoff has stargray on the sides instead of Plat1

+ The invisibility int the baron marble area needs linedef direction flipped or you can't lower the lift!  If you ride it up looking for more goodies, you're stuck!  While you're at it, I'd use a marble texture for the floor and put a visual switch on the line that lowers the platform.

+ The door opened by the red key switch looks really odd with a black ceiling, I'd turn it to one of the grays or up the lighting

+ Starting lines to some hidden areas are also hidden, making it even more obvious than no flag at all if you're using the map.

+ The lightamp/rocket secret should be tagged with effect 9.  I didn't find it without cheating even though I got all the marked secrets!  The light cue is again very Romero, but it wasn't specific enough - I'd personally either (a.) change the light sector to a real arrow, or at least a point on that side, or (b.) extend it so that it brightens that bit of wall as well.