MAP14 - Toxicated
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This is a Romero styled map, featuring a nonlinear layout, lotsa vertical stuff and some surprises. Drains inspiration from Romero's maps.

UPDATE: Ok, I've shifted the textures a bit and the map itself, I haven't touched the geometry (I think the blue key area is less map11-ish now). I think it works better now with the city sky, thus it is map14... It's slot is optional.

Having played Romero's maps one more time I tried mimicking his texture style. If it seems too much alike any of his maps, I must say in defense that it seems to me he favored several textures from the stock set, whilst straining away from others. For instance, he nearly never uses Bricks or SP_HOT, whilst all of his Doom2 maps have wood, zimmer, stone5/6 and most importantly metal - each map (possibly except Living End) has a metal-only section.

Tell me how you see it now. And screenies updated.

Phobus wrote on 16-Sep-2012 (11:15)
esselfortium wrote on 27-Jun-2012 (05:29)

Could this be reuploaded? I've never gotten a chance to see it. Speedyshare only keeps files online for a few days after uploading, so it's really not reliable for this sort of thing. Mediafire is a better choice I think.

Nmn wrote on 27-Mar-2012 (13:02)

I'll see what can be done about the ammo. And the areas... well, I seem to have a lack of ideas for them, at least for now. I think I'll be returning to this map soon.

And those arch viles... they only appear on UV IIRC and UV is meant to be intense. Then again, I'll see how it plays with only one arch vile.

Thanks for the comments.

Marcaek wrote on 20-Mar-2012 (19:13)

It's pretty good, but there are spots that remind strongly of Circle of Death, in particular the wooden blue key area, and the first bridge-rasing switch, but my main problem is that ammo is just a bit TOO scarce.

Also, are 2 Archviles in that small room really necessary? Remember how early this level is placed in relation to the whole WAD!

Nmn wrote on 10-Mar-2012 (17:32)

Hi there ellmo! Holy crap, didn't know you're still with Doom... ah, good ol' times.

Anyway, that's a good suggestion, I'll try it sometime later. I'll wait for some more comments concerning the map though, to see if it requires any more stylish updates. I can already see I've forgotten an important thing which Romero's maps always were full of - Health and Armor bonuses! Gasp!

ellmo wrote on 10-Mar-2012 (16:34)

I really enjoy this map. Architecture and gameplay wise it's definitely Romero in Doom2. The only area that seems homage-ish to me right now is the "circle" itself, but I think it's "homage-level" is comparable to what I did in E3M7 of the first DTWiD (which was clearly inspired by Mt Erebus), having said so - I'd try to entomb the level (replace open sky with normal ceiling texture) and see if this removes the "O of destruction" feeling completely.

It is just a suggestion however, I personaly would love to see this map go into the megawad as-is.

ellmo wrote on 10-Mar-2012 (16:07)

Well I'll be damned.

NMN, my friend, long time no see. I'm completely taken by surprise. Gonna play this map as soon as I have the chance.

But from the discussion I can already say - don't go wild with textures. Romero never did this. He actually used quite a limited amount of them and was always very "sterile" with them.

Nmn wrote on 10-Mar-2012 (14:37)

Yeesh, I'm kinda worried it's too much now like Tenements. Should I perhaps go even wilder with textures here? I'm going in circles <_< ...

Xaser wrote on 09-Mar-2012 (22:00)

The tricky part about texturing is to try and not copy a scheme from an existing map. Easier said than done, I suppose, but if it follows an existing map's scheme too closely, it's likely to evoke feelings from said map.

Still, loved the layout n' gameplay. Only iffy area is the part with the blue bars -- the way it's shaped and the stairs up to it made it feel too much like the area in MAP11 where you first encounter the Arch-Vile, but otherwise the map doesn't feel too derivative of anything aside from texturing. Fix that and it'll be gold, IMO.

Good to see you back around, by the way. ;)

Nmn wrote on 08-Mar-2012 (17:55)

Oh ok, yes I read that it was not meant as a redition of the original maps, but rather getting inside the designers' heads and map like them in the old years. Thanks for explaining it to me in a bit more detail.

Sure I'll redo the texturing and the theme to something else, no problem, like next week or so. Back to drawing for now :)

BTW, any suggestions for texturing? I'm thinking about Catacombs (Marbgray+bricks stuff), but that one was made by McGee IIRC, will that work in a Romero-styled map?

And one thing, I tend to stay away from forums not to get hooked up into discussions and check the forums like 20 times a day. I'm gettin' addicted too fast :)

Alfonzo wrote on 08-Mar-2012 (15:16)

Hey there Nmn. Great to see you're interested in this project.

The good news is that it's most definitely a Romero venture, and a very fine map! The connectivity, the use of catwalks, the geometry and texture combinations all give this away simply enough...: But the bad news is that this is largely because it inherits almost directly from 'O' of Destruction, as you point out in the description.

I'm going to assume this is because the aim of the project hasn't been made quite as clear as it should be, rather than your not being sure of what to do exactly, but I would encourage you if you're still interested to read or re-read the aims of the project in the forum. The only things looking to be inherited from Doom II here are the designer's mapping styles: the maps themselves are to be entirely original, appearing as though there were mapped by those authors from that time (and for Doom II), such that they could comfortably be placed alongside the actual maps themselves and nobody would be the wiser.

Having condemned the map like this, however, I think it's still unique enough that with a certain number of tweaks and hauls it can stand well enough on its own. Perhaps if you redid the texture and theme of the map to be something unlike that of map11, and then if we shifted it to a slot in a later part of the game (let's say map22, hypothetically), it would be a unique and dare I say pretty damn good Romero map. Otherwise I'm afraid it's not going to make the cut... :(

Good luck, if you do decide to do so. This is damn good effort otherwise, and I'd hate to see it miss out.