MAP14 - Flooded Library
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McGee map, using inspiration from but not too homagey to Inmost Dens. Should be approaching finished now.

esselfortium wrote on 27-Feb-2013 (09:24)

I don't know if McGee was really all that stingy with powerups. The player gets handed a soulsphere in the first room of The Waste Tunnels. McGee wasn't opposed to letting the player stock up on items, but he also wasn't afraid to totally drain them afterwards :)

zodiac wrote on 27-Feb-2013 (07:50)

I don't know that roundabout is all that out of character - in a way it's reminiscent of the Waste Tunnels.  I did feel like the second mass ambush room to get the red key was a bit much though, it fell into Petersen territory there. I'd consider reworking the two rooms into a unified whole, which would give the demons more room to be a threat and more little alcoves for McGee style ambushes. The alcoves and sense of connection in the rest of the level were spot on.

- The many little doors to get to the soul sphere also felt like a Petersen trick, more formalist than logical.  A lift trick would be more up McGee's alley, or just a single secret door.

- The extra berserk in the red key room and the extra armor in the passage secret are both a bit redundant.  I would keep the red key berserk over the one casually in the courtyard though.  McGee was as a rule stingy with powerups, though Innermost Dens was an exception more than most.

+ I did like the Megasphere and Invisiblity secrets, which felt very much like McGee's "just out of reach" nature.  The Megarmor on the bookshelf was a very cool idea, but I'd change the placement a bit so the jump isn't so annoying.

Xaser wrote on 22-Feb-2012 (17:16)

Definitely liking this! I can see this going somewhere in Doom's "E2." It definitely felt unique while still seemingly by the same guy who did The Inmost Dens and Underhalls.

Only complaint I have is that there are a lot of one-way pathways that make it a bit tedious to pick up all the keys at the end since you have to take the most roundabout ways to get from A to B. Good otherwise, though. ;)