MAP04 - The Siltyards
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19 / 02 / 2012
Version 2.0 [FINAL?] - all skill levels and multiplayer ready.

An earth and industrial themed American map that aims partly to introduce the player to arena style combat... and a certain skeletal adversary.

zodiac wrote on 09-Mar-2012 (07:33)

Fun and challenging!  The geometry really fits the McGee style.  If I have one criticism it's the enemy placement.

Looking at the McGee maps in E1, there's very few hordes of enemies.  When they are, it's for special fights like the end-of-level finale here.  In other locations it's more deliberate, with a few well-placed enemies doing the same work as a pack of more general ones.  I'm thinking in particular the first deadfall and the hall before the blue key, where you're faced with a large pack of enemies and little outlet.  The courtyard at the start's much more in-style, since there are paths to maneuver once you know them - more like MAP05's corridors or E4M4 in that regard.

I'd also like to see a secret reaching the overhang in the final room.  It looks great from the outside, and almost all the id maps let you get into places like that.  Perhaps a hidden warp opens elsewhere when you trigger the revenant ambush, it would keep in them well that way?

Xaser wrote on 20-Feb-2012 (16:37)

The squareness is appropriate for a McGee map, I think. And this is coming from the guy who always complains about squareness. :P

Seems all well n' good to me, I think. Nice revenant intro + the super-cool end battle.

C30N9 wrote on 20-Feb-2012 (15:17)

Nice map. Fun Doom IIish fights are found here.

But, the level was a bit squarish, with no curved lines I say. Also, some windows look strangely big which appears that it can be entered but it isn't. Also, American used 8 long lines for door tracks, here you used 16, try changing it to 8.

The area behind the blue doors looks awesome.

And I'd like to add, this map isn't that dark (or maybe it's because I'm using ZDoom)