MAP01 - Access Lift (version 2)
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***UPDATED at 03 26 2012

MAP01 done in Sandy Petersen's style. Easy as cake (as a map01 should be). No multi (yet).

zodiac wrote on 28-Mar-2012 (03:54)

The map still feels to flat to me.  This is mostly true of Map01, but the plasma life and the starting area were raised enough to make an impression.   A few other random thoughts:

+ Raise the sky window in the start room to height 256, it looks cooler, and 128, 192, and 256 were common heights for Petersen

+ I'd also raise the 'lit' sectors before the chainsaw into height-8 stairs.  It looks good, and brings the overlook exactly up to the window, making it feel like a mini-sniper nest.  I raised the window and chainsaw secret to be height 64, 8 above the floor of the now height-72 raised area.

+ As deathmatch considerations, move the lift-lower trigger down and move the chaingun opening to the lower left.  As it is now, that corridor is a risk, and jumping down leaves you so far that someone else can easily get the chaingun first.  Don't get me wrong, the raised area is a good deathmatch passage, it's just that right now it's too much risk, too little reward (for you).  On the other hand, if the BFG is up there it might be fair as is, but I think that move would bias it too much toward camping the spot rather than using the glorious outdoors =)

Marcaek wrote on 26-Mar-2012 (17:10)

As long as it flows well and the multi-only weapons are reasonably placed you should be fine. I only have Skulltag and Odamex for multiplay though, haven't got chocodoom or PRBoom+ to work reliably.

The new additions to the layout are quite an improvement.

NoneeLlama wrote on 26-Mar-2012 (08:11)

I updated the level, added some new areas and changed some textures and stuff.

I was making the map with multi in mind, although I have no real experience witn dm maps, as I never made one before. If I could get someone to help me with testing dm, I would appreciate it.

Critisim is welcome.

Marcaek wrote on 24-Mar-2012 (19:19)

Make sure to consider how it plays in deathmatch! MAP01 was and is legendary for it's multiplayer playability.

Xaser wrote on 19-Feb-2012 (05:18)

I like the outdoor area in this a lot for some reason. The rest of the layout isn't super-interesting -- the main curvy hallway is a bit lacking for a hub area -- but it's got potential for something. Texturing's maybe a bit too close to id's MAP01, but I'd probably say this about any MAP01 attempt that uses TEKGREN at all, so don't mind me. :P