MAP30 - Hell on Earth
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09 / 03 / 2012
Version 2.3
[FINAL?] - All skill levels and multiplayer ready.
+ Monster blocking lines around teleporter to prevent monsters from teleporting onto the switch platform
+ Improved indication as to what the Hell (On Earth) you're supposed to do.
+ Provided a little extra room to move as the player enters the tunnel section
+ Minor visual improvements
+ Invulnerability spheres on easy

It's a Map30!

Hopefuly it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out how to spatter his brains (as you do), but if it does prove problematic let me know! I may get around to providing better indication for future versions.

Marcaek wrote on 29-Mar-2012 (02:00)

Some version of this better make the final release :)

Xaser wrote on 09-Mar-2012 (21:55)

I thought the long shaft made it clear -- why else would it exist except for shooting something down it? ;)

Might be worth lowering the switch platform, though, to make it more clear the fact that you can't hit it from there no matter how you try.

ellmo wrote on 08-Mar-2012 (22:05)

Frank Drebin: I LOVE IT

Don't you dare to touch the basic concept. Figuring it out would be the greatest reward for a player.

Just a few more clues ;)

esselfortium wrote on 28-Feb-2012 (03:41)

I like it and it's a really original concept, but the concept is still very unclear to players I think. Short of ~~~SCRIPTED CUTSCENES~~~ I'm not sure how to solve that problem.

Dew said on IRC the other day he found it infuriatingly impossible to figure out until I told him the right way: he was making the same mistake I was until Alfonzo told me I'm not supposed to be shooting from the switch balcony.

Xaser wrote on 19-Feb-2012 (05:23)

Definitely a cool end-boss concept. It does the fight differently, yet it feels just as devious without being a copycat. Bit tough, but not as evil as earlier releases -- 'tis the final map after all, so it's totally okay to stump the player at first. Map looks nice, too -- definitely reminds me of Doom2 "E3" in that MAP24ish Petersen-y way.

The name is perfect, BTW. :P