Delayed The Way id Didn't
Alfonzo 01-Sep-2012 (05:19)

The 30th of September is approaching, and a release is not at hand. A combination of deflated interest, insubstantiality and lack of marshalling has left us down but not out for the count. Or so to speak. Strictly speaking, the 30th September deadline was plucked from the tree of wishful thinking before the project had even bolted from the gate, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that we failed to meet it.

Many of the maps submitted thus far are rushing headlong for inclusion, and are of a quality above that which many of us expected. However, because of the relatively small number of maps required to pick and choose between, it is becoming increasingly considered that a different approach to map allocation and assignment be made, should an arbitrary quota not be met by a certain date.

In the mean time, everything shall remain as it is. There are a great many projects going on at the moment and many of them with a similar release month in mind. We'll have to re-evaluate our position after most of these expire before any drastic alterations are made.

Best of luck to those still buckling down on maps for this project. I know I still have a couple that need doing!

Facebook page
ellmo 16-Mar-2012 (16:16)

I don't know how many of you even bother to use facebook, but if you do - show how much you like this... I mean how much you like us.

New "new" color scheme
ellmo 11-Mar-2012 (02:38)

You probably noticed we've introduced a less diarrhea-related color scheme a few days back. This time I can safely say Esselfortium helped to me to pick the colors, we also did the garden and the driveway.

New color scheme
ellmo 18-Feb-2012 (13:41)

As you can see I've updated the d2twid page to have a more DOOM2-ish color scheme (esselfortium did not choose the colorscheme).

A new logo is soon to come.

DOOM2 The Way id Did
ellmo 17-Feb-2012 (22:11)

This new submission page (okay, not new... evloved) will serve as a database for all maps publicly submitted to the D2TWiD project.


It works exactly like the first one, except you can't pick an episode for your map, because...

Beacuse what?