Official version 1.0

    Doom 2 The Way id Did is the long awaited sequel to 2011's smash hit gargantuan, Doom The Way id Did. It comprises 32 fully texture-mapped mazes that endeavour to both look and play as though they've come from Dallas, 1994. From the very toiling hands of Sandy, John and American! The idea was originally kicked about by Jason Root aka Hellbent, whose passion for the game and knack for growing enthusiasm resulted in one of the most successful community collaborations in Doomworld history – not to mention an impressive collection of more than 100 total submissions. While not quite as successful as the first project in this regard, painstaking lengths have been made by those involved to ensure that D2TWiD is as true a doppelganger of id's Doom 2 as it could ever be. And we hope you agree!


We also hope you enjoy playing Doom 2 The Way id Did. Unless you disliked the game, in which case we'd be honoured if you regarded it with just as much contempt.

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